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Our Community – Local Information

21 Jul 2011 Melton 0 Comment

State Government to Reduce Planning Red Tape

A few Melton residents are concerned about the state government’s current plans to cut back on planning red tape. Under the proposed changes, neighbours will not be notified of “low-impact” developments and will also lose the right to be able to appeal against them. The purpose of the changes is to help speed up the development process, but some local residents have expressed concerns about the impact this will have on the community, and in particular, the preservation of heritage homes. The building approval process is there for people to be able to have a say on how their community develops, to help it keep its character, and there are fears that the new laws will allow some unwanted developments to slip through the cracks. But it’s important to remember that it is only low-impact developments that will be affected, which are things like changes to fences and garages, and all developments will still have to meet building codes and standards. Major developments will still go through the planning process where the community will be able to comment and appeal against changes. It’s quite a contentious issue, and it is hard to find the right balance between moving development forward and allowing the community the time to have their say. For those who are against the laws, there is currently an online petition that can be viewed at www.springst.com.au. What do you think? Should we cut the red tape for smaller developments?

5 Simple Winter Household Tips

 During the winter months there are some things you can do around your house to keep it healthy and looking great until spring arrives again.

 Tip 1 – Deciduous trees are pretty, but can be a lot of work, especially if you have a pool or outdoor entertaining area. Doing a quick sweep or skimming the pool regularly will save you from having a larger job on your hands down the track.

 Tip 2 – Watering your garden is still important in winter. If you let your lawn or plants die off during the winter months, it may be a lot harder to get your garden looking good when spring and summer roll around. Some plants also benefit from fertilising at this time of year.

  Tip 3 – Inside is just as important as outside. Dusting around door and window frames, blinds and shutters, washing curtains and vacuuming couches can freshen up the air and also help fend off hay fever and other allergenic conditions.

 Tip 4 – Mould can be a real danger in some households, especially if they’re not aired out regularly. Remember to keep the air in your home circulating so that moisture is less likely to build up. If you find your house has condensation on windows, wipe over with a towel to prevent mould.

 Tip 5 – Start eating any foods stored in your freezer to make way for winter favourites like soups and casseroles that can be frozen and reheated on those cold nights that you don’t feel like cooking.

 Have you got any more winter household tips that you’d like to share?

 Want Insider Advice on Everything Real Estate?

In this day and age many of us are expected to be experts at everything. Expert parents, experts at technology, health, cooking… everything!When it comes to property, it’s the same story – you’re expected to make decisions like an expert when it comes to buying, selling, investing and renting. To help make things easier, Professionals Real Estate have developed a suite of fantastic guides, information booklets and videos that can be used by anybody who needs help making the best decisions possible when it comes to their next property move. This www.REinsider.com.au website is a free community resource that offers plenty of hints, tips and up-to-date property information direct from industry insiders. If you’re after information on how to buy a new property, sell your home for the best price, or pointers on investing and renting, then there is something in REInsider for you. The website offers new tips every week and you can even request a free property appraisal directly from the website. The website has all of the latest information and it is live right now – so jump on over to REinsider.com.au to check it out.

 Melton’s Tabcorp Park Helping to Boost Local Tourism

Melton’s Tabcorp Park is one of our most popular attractions and it is so popular that it is helping boost tourism for our local region. Harness racing has been experiencing a growth in popularity over the years and Melton is extremely lucky to be home to the sport’s Victorian Headquarters, where we can gain major benefits from the sport’s popularity. Melton may benefit even further when new mobile barrier countdown clocks are installed at Tabcorp Park, which will allow drivers, race callers and spectators to know exactly when a race is going to start. The new clocks are a first of their kind in Australia and according to harness racing experts they will help improve the discipline of the drivers as well as improve the visual aspects of the races. As well as the new clocks, Tacorp Park is also set to hold an international trotting event next month called The Great Southern Star. This event will be held on March 24 and it is expected to help bring plenty of interstate and overseas visitors to Melton. It is well worth visiting Tabcorp Park in Melton if you haven’t before, as it has a lot to offer, from harness racing, to entertainment and other major events. To find out more head to www.tabcorppark.com.au.

 Keeping the Movember Conversation Going

Melton residents will probably remember the Movember campaign which took place last November and saw many locals shaping new facial hair styles. While some residents may still be sporting their new facial hair, the real objective of the event was not just growing mos, but also raising funds and awareness for men’s health issues, in particular depression and prostate cancer. Last year’s Movember campaign helped to raise more than $111 million globally, which is an amazing effort.  These funds have helped programs that support prostate cancer and male depression initiatives, such as the Prostate Cancer of Australia and beyondblue: the national depression initiative. Movember has also helped start the conversation about men’s health issues, but it’s important that we talk about these issues even when it isn’t November, to help educate people and prompt a change in behaviour that encourages people to seek out help when they need it. Awareness for all kinds of health issues can help save lives. So keep the Movember conversation going and take it upon yourself to learn more about the Movember movement and why it’s so important.  Are there any Melton residents that plan on growing their mo for Movember this year?

 Tips To Help You Pick the Right Paint Colour for Your Home

 Trying to pick the right paint colour/s for your home can be extremely confusing.  There are thousands of different paint colours available and they all come in different types, finished and textures, which can make it very hard to narrow your choice down to the colours that you need.  If you need to choose paint colour for an investment property, the best advice we can give is to pick out neutral colours. By picking neutral colours, the property will appeal to most people’s tastes and individual styles. If you aren’t too concerned about the paint colour that is chosen, head to your local paint store and simply ask them what their most popular paint colour is, as this is a good way of finding out what most people like. Remember to consider whether the paint will match with any existing colours found in the home. If you’re choosing paint colours for your own home then it might be a little harder to decide. To get an idea of what you might like, look through magazines and visit display homes for inspiration. Once you have picked your colours, get sample pots and try them out on small area in the room to see if you like the way it looks. By testing the paint first you should get a good idea of how it will look before you splash out money on an entire room.


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