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Selling & Technology

4 Dec 2014 Melton 0 Comment


Real Estate Online


These days just about 92 percent of buyers start their search online and studies have shown that potential buyers will continue to search for three weeks prior to even making contact with an agent. Current research also shows that younger buyers will more than likely browse the internet for homes to buy, rather than attending the traditional ‘Open Home’ or taking a trip to Real Estate Agencies to search for their purchase.


Going by the latest studies and research, it is an absolute no-brainer to know that online marketing is a pivotal tool in the process of selling your home. An optimal online experience for the potential buyer is what is going to differentiate your home from the rest!

Number One for Mobile Phones

The device used to search through properties the most is the handy mobile phone. In fact 89 percent of web searches are conducted through mobile phones, even at home mobile phones used for looking up real estate is still a high of 77 percent! So even when people are able to search from their computer, they would rather grab their phone.


Essentially, agents who have a website that is mobile phone friendly will already one foot forward ahead of the competitors! Ryder Real Estate Melton have a website page that is 100% mobile phone friendly, therefore no functionality is lost, meaning easy reading and viewing of your selling home.

Social Media a Must!

These days having just one website is not nearly enough! Social Media has a HUGE impact on advertisement. If your agency has a Facebook account, Youtube account or any other kind of social media account, be assured that your home will definitely be seen. Consider this – If your agent has around 300 likers on their page, this means an extra few hundred views of your home are shoved right into potential buyer’s faces. What if someone shares your home’s ad? This could mean THOUSANDS of other potential buyers are also viewing your home!


Visual Content

Let me give you some statistics –

–          The human brain is able to process visual content 90,000 times faster than that of plain text. Source: B2B Content Engine

–          Professional photography can increase your home’s selling price by over $2000  (Source: Redfin)

–          A photo may be worth 1000 words but just one minute of video footage is worth 1.8 million words  (Source: Forrester Research)

–          Video generated listings produce more than 4 times the enquiry than that of a listing without a video. (Source: Domain.com)

–          Web users spend more than 88% more time on a page with visual media than pages without. (Source: Mist Media)

You do the Math!

If you are trying to decide which agency you should go with to sell your home, you should seriously consider what type of technology advertising they can offer you! If you want your house to be seen, go with an agency who can give your house the best possible foot forward in the technological world.

As times are changing and people are becoming a lot busier, the closest potential buyers can get to a Real Estate Agency, is more than likely their mobile phone or computer device.

Times are changing, find an agent that is changing with it!


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