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Improve Your Home Over Easter!

2 Apr 2015 Melton 0 Comment

Ok, so you aren’t fortunate to be able to go away over the Easter long weekend. Worried that you will be scratching yourself silly with boredom?

How about sprucing up the home by trying some of these low cost, home improvement activities.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

You know that dirty old wall in the kitchen you keep walking past, ignoring? It is time to give it a new lease on life. Try a fresh coat of paint, I’d go for bright colours, from white to cream to light blue or green. A lighter, brighter colour will make the room look newer and bigger. It is such a simple thing to do but it make a massive difference to the feel of your home.

De Clutter with Cupboards!

Cupboards that fit nicely in your home are a must! Clutter will always make a room look smaller and as a result you might make you feel unknowingly compressed. A de cluttered home will not only look a lot bigger, neater and tidier but it will do wonders for your own wellbeing.

Let there be LIGHT!

As winter is fast approaching, natural light in your home during the day is a MUST. There is a few reasons why we love natural light. One reason is that during winter, you want to try and maximise the light that beams into your home during the day to heat it up as much as possible, preparing for the very cold wintery nights. Another reason is that aesthetically, lighter shade coverings over the windows of your home, gives a fresh looking appeal. Brighter shades tend to create the illusion of a space looking bigger than it actually is.

Inviting Entrance

Get that ‘Curb Side Appeal’ and create an inviting front door entrance. Add a mat, some potter plants or an artistic ornament to suit the style of your home. If you are fortunate enough to have a front door with a window on either side of your door, ensure that they are sparkling clean and nothing is covering them to create a bright and memorable entrance to your home.

Light up your Dining Area

Your dining area/ kitchen space will be one of the rooms that yourself as well as guests, will spend most of their time. It is important to love the space that you spend a lot of your time in. How about adding a beautiful light fixture? It is something so simple yet could change the whole atmosphere of your home. Chose something that will fit in with the décor of your home.

Change your Showerhead

Switch your ordinary old showerhead, over to a luxurious oversized showerhead. Not only does it look so super stylish, but it also offers a larger surface coverage and soothing spray.

Door Handles – Out with the old in with the new!

Have a look at your door handles. Do they look old and worn? They may not be recognisably tired to yourself but it is something that I can assure that your guests will pick up. A new set of door handles could make a vast difference to the feel of your home.

Make a Statement!

To create that Aesthetically attractive street appeal place your street number visibly on the front of your home in an artistic manner suitable to your homes style.

If you are home this weekend and you are looking for home improvements at a low cost try some of these simple, low cost ideas. It may even be fun for the kids to help out!


Happy Easter!

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