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Down Sizing Your Home

15 Jun 2015 Melton 0 Comment


Just the thought of downsizing the home can make most of us feel very emotional or stressed. A home for most is not just somewhere to have shelter for yourself and your possessions. A home for a lot of us is a place that tells us who you are, you can find out a lot about someone by just walking through their home. There may be many fond memories of the kids growing up, Christmas days and birthday parties. The thought of leaving a home that you spent some of your most cherished memories in is very daunting, but it is something that many may have to think about in their life time.


To decide whether now is the time to down size you need to put a plan of action into place. Sit down with the most trusted people around you and chat about the idea, mention the upsides you can see and the down sides. Get their ideas, point of view and perspective on what may be best too. Ask yourself, what is most important in your life at the moment and what is least important?

List some questions that may help you to make your decision:

–          Are the kids now grown up and living in their own homes?

–          How many family functions and or celebrations are held at your home?

–          How many rooms in the home do you actually use on a day to day basis?

–          Are you finding it hard to keep up with maintenance around the home?

–          Are you fed up with mowing the lawns and pruning the trees?

–          Are you feeling adventurous and ready for change?

Questions like these may definitely help but always make sure you are true to yourself and doing what you think is best for the real you not the idealistic you.


Many people who down size tend to move to the country or to the beach but before long, realising that they miss the convenience of being closely located to their family. If this would be the likely case for you, how about looking simply at a smaller home in the same area?

Some who decide to downsize also sell up and start renting. Renting has the potential to be a lot less stressful in terms of responsibility and affordability. Depending on the current market, renting a smaller home can keep more money in your pocket and if you don’t like dealing with maintenance than renting may be a good option for you. The disadvantages may be slightly less privacy and a little less control in terms of the house not technically being ‘your home.’


If you are still finding it difficult to make a decision, why not try living smaller for a week. Close off one end of the house and see how you cope. If you have a little money to spend, why not get a family member to look after your home for the week while you head away and hire an apartment or hotel for the week in an area that interests you.

Always remember that nothing is forever, you may have lived in a few different homes already and this is just another chapter in your life. Think of it as a place with a blank canvas, ready to create lovely memories. Change is healthy and keeps you alive!



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