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Are You Ready for Spring?

14 Aug 2015 Melton 0 Comment

Spring is a time for change. From the gloomy, long, cold, wintery days comes a taste of sun, warmth and BBQ’s with family and friends. Spring is my favourite time of the year, the birds are singing, the flowers blooming, the sun is shining and bringing that perfect and comfortable warmth to our bodies. You feel as though you can just do so much more in spring before it gets to the sweltering heat of the Australian Summer.

As the season changes, I encourage you to take a look in and around your home and perhaps change it also. Change is good, change is refreshing and spring should be a time to get energised and be creative.

So how do you prepare?

You’ve heard it before – Spring Cleaning!

Cleaning isn’t our favourite past time, but giving your home a really thorough tidy up after winter is a must. Make sure to pay close attention to marks on walls, dirty skirting boards and cob webs in the corners of the room. Cleaning all of these small things really makes a huge difference when it comes to the complete picture. Your home can look so much brighter with just one really good clean right before spring.

Pulizie di primavera

Bring greenery into the home

Take advantage of all of the beautiful flowers that are starting to pop up. Bring some into the home for that feeling of nature and refreshment. Find a colourful vase and place in some gorgeous colourful flowers. Why not be a little eccentric and place leaves in a vase or glass and place around the home? A couple of large palm leaves can look great and if looked after could last for months.



Are your pillow cases dull like those cloudy winter days? Are they heavy or thick? Change your pillow cases and other linen to that of much lighter fabrics, like linen or cotton and think of changing the colour to something much brighter like that of the sunny spring days. Why not try a few bright yellow or blue pillow cases?



Another great way to jazz your home up for the warmer months is to re arrange some furniture. Give your home a new look, renew it and perhaps move any tables/furniture away from the windows in the chance that they might be blocking natural sunlight from the area.


Go bare

Spring is a time to freshen up and brighten your life, keep as little as you can on the floor. Tuck away those winter rugs in the lounge room, ready for the warmer months.



Find a funky new scent for the home, find some delicious smelling candles that really give you that spring vibe. Putting you in a good mood and making the home feel oh so welcoming!


Outdoor Area

Since you will probably spending a lot more time outdoors, you will want to think about getting that outdoor area up to scratch. Clean up your outdoor tables and chairs, give your decking/pavement a good scrub and perhaps add some seasonal plants. Don’t forget to get that BBQ all cleaned up also!


Stepping into spring is easy, jumping into spring with your home prepared and looking fabulous will ensure that you will have timeless memories of warmth and happiness around the home!

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