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Top Ten Most Expensive Cities

26 Aug 2015 Melton 0 Comment

Listed are the top ten most expensive cities in the world based on how many square meters on average you could purchase per 1 million dollars.

#10 Shanghai

Shanghai is the largest Chinese city by population, with a total population of over 23 million.

$1 million will buy you 46.2 square meters worth of property

China Shanghai town city blocks of flats high-rise buildings city skyline Huangpu river flow Pudong evening travel traveling Shanghai 2

#9 Moscow

Well known for its unique architecture and consisting of many different historic buildings.

Population is over 10 million people.

Some apartments selling for 2.2 million dollars.

$1 million will buy you 43 square meters of property.

Moscow 1 Moscow 2

#8 Paris

Paris, the city of love comes in at number 8.

Population of just over 2 million people.

$1 million will buy you 41.7 square meters of property.

The usual property is an apartment with a private garden.

Paris 1 Paris 2

#7 Sydney

With a Population of just over 4 million and known for having the world’s largest natural harbor.

Home to the Sydney Harbor Bridge and Sydney Opera House.

$1 million will buy you 41.2 squares.

P Sydney 2

#6 New York

Or the ‘Big Apple’ has a real estate value of 1 million dollars buying you 40.2 square meters. New York has a population of just over 8 million people and is known for The Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty and many other iconic sites.

NY 1 NY 2

#5 Geneva

Population of 197,376 people and home to the world’s most popular boutique chocolates.

$1 million will buy you 41.2 squares. 34.7 squares

Geneva 1 Geneva 2

#4 Singapore

Singapore often referred to as the ‘Lion City’ has a population of over 5 million people, where they enjoy one of the world’s highest standards of living.

$1 million will buy you 32.6 square meters.

Singapore 1 Singapore 2

#3 London

Population of over 8 million people.

Home to iconic sites such as Big Ben, the House of Parliament, Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace and Tower Bridge

$1 million will buy you 25.2 square meters.

Abbaye de westminster Big Ben London London 2

#2 Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a population of just over 7 million people and is one of the world’s most densely populated areas, with 6300 people per square kilometer.

Hong Kong holds the record for the world’s largest permanent light and sound show

$1 million will buy you 20.6 square meters.

Hong Kong 1 Hong Kong 2

#1 Monaco

Population of over 37,000 people, known for its famous casino in Monte Carlo, its yacht-lined harbor and Grand Prix Motor Race.

Monaco takes the top spot for the most expensive city where $1 million will buy you 15 square meters.

Monaco 1 Monaco 2

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