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Selling Over Christmas

12 Nov 2014 Melton 0 Comment

Don’t get me wrong there are definitely some disadvantages when it comes to selling your home over the Christmas and New Year period, for example: Offices tend to take a few days to a week break and many of us are too busy with planning our Christmas lunches, presents for the kids and going away on holidays with the family.

In saying this there are definitely some advantages when it comes to selling your home during the holidays. You just need to know what they are and work on them!



Although it is a busy period, people tend to have more time on their hands to look at properties they have been keeping an eye on but have been too busy with work or school commitments to action their thoughts. Motivated buyers will have much more time to get out there and look at properties that they have been interested but have simply had no time to go and have a look.

Less Competition

Selling in Spring or Autumn means that you have a lot of competition to deal with, so you have to work extra hard to try and stand out from your competitors. Generally, less properties tend to be on the market around Summer time which means motivated buyers will have fewer prospects to tempt them. Emphasize the fact that you are one of the special few!

How We Feel

Christmas fun at the office

Over the holiday break, people overall tend to feel more relaxed, happier. This applies to the potential buyer as well. With all parties feeling a lot happier and relaxed, it will be a lot easier to negotiate a sale. The start of a New Year also makes people reflect on the previous year that they had and therefore makes them realise what their goals are and become a lot more motivated which is the perfect state of mind to sell.

Romanticise your Home!


Depending on how you decorate your home and where you live can have a very unique appeal to potential buyers over Christmas. If your target market is families then it is the perfect time to get out there and decorate your home to boast a perfect family Christmas feel.

Renters Wanting to Buy

This time of the year is re noun for leases being up and people starting to toy with the idea of moving from the rental transition into buying a home. This is where your home is the perfect fit for them!

Pensive Christmas woman

So just remember, even though you may think popping your house up on the market during the holiday period is a bad idea, think again. It may be the perfect opportunity for your home to sell!



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