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30 Mar 2016 Melton 0 Comment

As a new season is upon us, some may start to ponder as to whether autumn is the right time to pop their home up for sale. There are pros and cons to selling in each season but let me tell you why autumn is a GREAT time to sell!

1: Aesthetic Value

Autumn is really a work of art when you think about it. Trees are starting to change into brilliant oranges, reds and yellows, flowers are changing and different aromas are in the air. This can add an extra bit of oomph to the look of your home especially if you have a beautiful garden which in turn, will attract the potential buyer.

Source: www.weekendnotes.com

Source: www.weekendnotes.com

2: Temperature Drop

With autumn comes the much more comfortable temperature drop. Most of us, no matter where we live in Australia will face those stinking hot days, where all we want to do is jump in a pool or keep cool indoors. The last thing you would want to do is run around to open inspections. The temperature drop to fresher days will encourage more people to head out to opens and look for their new home.

3: Cosy Atmosphere

Use the coming cooler weather to your advantage, dress your home in an inviting, cosy, manner that will attract potential buyers. Most people I know absolutely love being in the comfort of their own home when the days are cooler, indoor activities at home are definitely more attractive during the cooler months.

Source: www.mochacasa.com

Source: www.mochacasa.com

4: New Year New You

At the start of the year many people are planning and working on changes in their life. For many this could mean buying their new home. As the very start of the year is very busy and many tend to still be holidaying, the first few months after New Year’s (autumn) will be the most likely time to be on the hunt for that new home.

5: Oversupply

Many will push the advantage of selling in spring, which will mean come autumn time there may be less competition for your home to sell!

At the end of the day a good property that is priced right, marketed well and handled by a proactive agent will sell at any time of the year!

If you are wanting any information on buying, selling or renting, call Professionals Ryder Real Estate Melton today to speak to one of our friendly, local and experienced agents! – 9743 6400

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